• Script writing/Editing/Directing/Photography/Videography/Cinematography
  • Kemuning Utama, Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia
  • Jan 08, 2021
Full time Broadcast

Personal Summary


I am Sean Raoul Nagalingam, a Diploma graduate in Broadcasting from IACT College pursuing a career in film making, with experience in most areas. I work efficiently, and am constantly looking to learn and
improve in my skills. When offered a job, I commit myself to it until it is completed and perfected to the best of my ability. I have a passion for directing, cinematography, editing, script writing and storytelling. My aspiration is to tell stories that change people’s perspectives, opens their minds and broadens their imagination, in hopes that it can impact the world and make it a better place.


- Photography
- Videography
- Editing
- Script Writing
- Social Media Management
- Marketing & Advertising
- Soundman
- Stage Management


- Adobe Premiere Pro
- Adobe Photoshop
- Adobe Lightroom
- Adobe After Effects
- Cubase
- Celtx

Work Experience

Head Promo Video Editor
The Joke Factory

Edited all promo videos for weekly comedy shows and other special events.

Social media manager - Managed both their Instagram and Facebook pages and posted every
                                           shows poster and promo videos daily along with other things. Also posted                                               Instagram stories during shows.

Stage Manager        -       Set up the light and sound system for daily shows and managed the light,
                                          sound and video cameras during most live shows

The Apartment Season 7 (AXN)

Was on set in Johor for 5 weeks during production to transcribe every studio and on set interview carried out by the production team.

Experienced being on set multiple times during filming and stood in for the competitors a few times


Production Assistant   -    Prepared everything in preproduction such as, cast, wardrobe, location                                                and etc.

On set Production Assistant   -   Transported all equipment to set locations and helped set it all                                                                up. Provided assistance where ever necessary and provided                                                                    food  on set.

Casting      -     Carried out all castings for commercials and documentaries. Edited all casting                                  videos to be properly and easily viewed by producers and directors.

-   Handled receipts and claims in post production.

-   Translated Malay interviews for non speaking editors.

-   DIT during 1 week of filming in Perak and Penang - I assisted the Director of Photography                 throughout the whole process and handled the date wrangling and protection.


O Levels (IGCSE) Cambridge Syllabus
Diploma in Broadcasting

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