Kannadasan Sanmugam

  • Sourcing Specialist /
  • Bukit Rimau, Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia
  • Dec 30, 2020
Full time Purchasing-Procurement

Personal Summary

Currently in Procurement with over 10 years and more than 5 years' experience in Engineering field. My expertise covers all facets of Procurement / Purchasing operations coupled with strong leadership capabilities, process improvement, problem solving, Procurement management, strategic sourcing, material management, scenario analysis and vendor management to name a few. I am also internationally certified as Certified Strategic Sourcing Professional (CSSP). I have excellent interpersonal & communication skills, adventurous, independent, reliable, creative, adaptable, resourceful and conscientious. Made a number of significant contributions such as cost saving amounting MYR 1.45 million.

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◦ SAP ECC 6.0 (ERP)
◦ Syspro (ERP)
◦ Protel

Work Experience

Sourcing Specialist / Product Specialist
Apr 2014 - Aug 2019 Besi Spares & Tooling Ltd

Job descriptions:
◦ Globally source spare parts with best purchase package in term of price, quality & lead time.
◦ Create Master Data for new spare parts.
◦ Coordinate phase-in & phase-out transitions of spare parts.
◦ Carry out cost reduction exercises, price benchmarking & control PPV (purchase price variance).
◦ Carry out lead time reduction exercises.
◦ Does RFX.
◦ Formulate procurement & buying strategies.
◦ Negotiate, create, monitor & renew Quantity Contract.
◦ Negotiate commercial terms & conditions.
◦ Define & create standard operating procedures.
◦ Supervise team member.
◦ Similar material categories consolidated under vendor consolidation exercises.
◦ Liaise with Production team to synchronize spare parts & production purchase.
◦ Create & publish reports covering obligations, demand forecasts, obsolete spare parts.
◦ Lead negotiation for last time purchase of obsolete / EOL (end of life) parts.
◦ Complete use of SAP ECC 6.0 (Material Management - MM) system for daily tasks.

◦ Have done a total cost saving of CHF 329,089.00 (about MYR 1.45 million) for various parts through quantity contract implementation (PCBAs, mechanical assemblies & electrical/electronic).
◦ Successfully negotiated various cost up to minimize the increment or maintain the same price.
◦ Successfully negotiated with various vendors to open new contracts.

Executive Procurement
Nov 2012 - Oct 2013 MISC Berhad

Job descriptions:
◦ Source, select & negotiate for the best purchase package in terms of quality, price, terms
& deliveries in tandem with vessel's schedule.
◦ Work towards continuous improvement activities in improving key performance measures
of vendor performance, inventory turnover & Purchase Order cycle time.
◦ Assist Superintendents in managing day to day supply chain issues.
◦ Release & expedite Purchase Orders.
◦ Does RFX.
◦ Distribution management & global sourcing done based on sail route.
◦ Does market analysis on vessel spare parts.
◦ Conduct competitive bidding / analysis & present purchase recommendations to management.
◦ Resolve claims, delivery rejection & invoice discrepancies / disputes.
◦ Assist in annual requirement & budget development.
◦ Manage vendors.
◦ Adhering to the procurement policy set by Corporate Procurement Division.
◦ Support activities done / planned by Corporate Procurement Division.

◦ Negotiated price on spares under CAPEX buy (cost saving of 7%).
◦ Keep "outstanding order more than 60 days" minimal.
◦ Achieved cost saving of MYR 424,897.96 (FYR 2013 targeted cost saving MYR80,000.00) by planning & consolidating vessels' dry dock activity.

Senior Executive Procurement
Oct 2010 - Nov 2012 AIROD Sdn. Bhd

Job descriptions:
◦ Source / procure non-aviation requirement (machineries, spare parts) & services.
◦ Manage & delegate tasks to Non-Aviation team.
◦ Perform monthly KPI evaluation & track key metrics.
◦ Release & expedite Purchase Orders.
◦ Involved in department budget development.
◦ Manage purchase price variance.
◦ Periodically conduct value analysis on feasibility of total cost of ownership.
◦ Monitor & manage Non-Aviation vendors (vendor management).
◦ Manage CAPEX/OPEX cost controlling process.
◦ Administer contracts (contract management).
◦ Decision making on daily operations.
◦ Does RFX.
◦ Does competitive bidding.
◦ Manage E-procurement for cataloged parts (stationery).
◦ Negotiate & process long term contracts for products and services (cost optimization).
◦ Identify new vendors that can add value & support all of the company's operations
and services.

◦ Successfully lead technical library digitization project (RFI, Tendering & finalizing contract framework).
◦ Renegotiated IT services SLA with better terms & saving of RM 33,000.00
◦ Consolidated & streamlined machinery repair / servicing vendors; from 23 to 8 vendors.

Mar 2008 - Jul 2010 Eutech Instruments Sdn. Bhd

Job descriptions:
◦ Plan for raw material pull in.
◦ Liaise / coordinate with different departments & vendors to overcome challenges or
new project development.
◦ Actively involved in sourcing of new vendors (audit, price negotiation, product transfer & vendor registration).
◦ Buy indirect material.
◦ Release & expedite Purchase Orders.
◦ Does RFX.
◦ Inventory planning & control done by Kanban system.
◦ Continuous process improvements in purchasing / inventory.
◦ Periodically do inventory control analysis.
◦ Liaise with contractor on facility & machinery maintenance.
◦ Give out forecast to vendor for early preparation.
◦ Periodically do cost analysis to reduce plant maintenance expenses.
◦ Similar material categories consolidated under vendor consolidation exercises.
◦ Supply chain analysis conducted as needed with collaboration of concerned departments.
◦ Market analysis on commodities such as plastic resins, oil & rubber.
◦ Ensure right quantity & on time delivery.
◦ Periodically conduct internal & external audit (ISO 9001:2000).
◦ Manage inventory reduction and cost down projects on annual basis.
◦ Assist in setting up "Low Cost Region Sourcing" for corporate by developing relevant procurement strategies.
◦ Implement procurement policies in line with Global Group Procurement Policy.

◦ Localized the supplies of most of the plastic parts instead of procuring them from overseas.
◦ Did a cost down of more than MYR 30,000.00 per annum by localizing gaskets / seals.
◦ Reduced part shortages from 189 lines to 19 lines in 3 months.
◦ Negotiated cost up of plastic injection mould parts due to rising fuel price from 33% to 23%.

Purchaser & Tooling Engineer
Jan 2006 - Feb 2008 Samsung Electronics (M) Sdn. Bhd

Job descriptions:
◦ Ensure no line disruption at production.
◦ Ensure right quantity & on time delivery based on Just In Time purchasing (JIT).
◦ Create buying strategies with core subcontractors.
◦ Complete use of SAP system for vendor management, material management, procurement tasks & report generation.
◦ Arrange orders to suite production needs.
◦ Continuous negotiation, alternative material implementation to achieve cost optimization.
◦ Liaise / coordinate with different departments & vendors to overcome challenges or
new project development.
◦ Give out forecast to vendor for early preparation.
◦ Improve vendor's quality & stability.
◦ Periodically conduct value analysis on feasibility of total cost of ownership.
◦ Continuous improvement implemented with collaboration with vendor or R&D.
◦ Cost reduction through negotiation / projects.

◦ Reduced total production line-stop by 30% compared to previous years.
◦ Arrange collaboration between R&D department & vendor to overcome critical challenges in manufacturing process.
◦ Did a cost down of USD 300,000.00 for the year 2007 (assembled doors & tempered glass).
◦ Improve vendor's overall delivery by 23% compared to previous years.

Mould / Tooling Engineer (Purchasing Dept.)
Job descriptions:
◦ Maintain mould and tooling at vendor's & Samsung's premises.
◦ New mould fabrication.
◦ Verify vendor's machine setting.
◦ Mould & tooling are inspected regularly to ensure parts' quality and detect any needed major repairs.
◦ Moulds & toolings are scheduled for major maintenance accordingly.

◦ Collaborate with Headquarter & successfully implemented Quick Die Change project.
◦ Reduced mould record discrepancies & maintain it.
◦ Assist in executing & implementing Six Sigma projects at vendors' premises.
◦ Successfully implemented S-Mould system for mould / tooling management.

Customer Support Engineer, CAM Engineer & QA Engineer
Aug 2002 - Dec 2005 Qualitek Electronics (M) Sdn. Bhd

(Sales Dept.)
Job descriptions:
◦ Verify customer gerber & prepare data for quotation purpose.
◦ Liaise with customer regarding design issues.
◦ Coordinate with QA department to close CARs (Corrective Action Report), RMAs (Return Merchandise Authorization) , & RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) compliance report.
◦ Coordinate with QA & Production to tackle defects faced at customer's premise.
◦ Follow up & coordinate prototype run in production.
◦ Assist Sales personnel in transaction of Purchase Orders.
◦ Responsible for prototype run & coordinate with Manufacturing Engineering department on converting prototype PCBs into mass production.

◦ Successfully coordinated & converted a tight specification prototype board into mass production (high volume).
◦ Minimized initial product development.
◦ Closed previously unanswered CARs.

CAM Engineer (Manufacturing Eng. Dept.)
Job descriptions:
◦ Verify given customer gerber whether suitable for production.
◦ Make modification to suit production capability.
◦ Generate CNC programs for drilling & routing processes.
◦ Generate separate gerber for electrical / functionality testing purpose.
◦ Modify existing products to enhance efficiency & manufacturability based on process engineer's feedback.
◦ Propose solutions to customer in case design conflicts with manufacturability.

QA Engineer (MRB & Audit - QA Dept.)
Job descriptions:
◦ Responsible for scrap arrangement & account transactions.
◦ Verify / analyze scrap reason & assign to responsible department's account.
◦ Generate consolidated weekly report.
◦ Does process improvement on existing ones.
◦ Device methods to do rework & salvage usable boards.
◦ Initiate audit in production floor at random order.
◦ Audit mainly on effectiveness of manufacturing SOPs.
◦ Identify challenges & opportunity to improve.
◦ Follow up on preventive / corrective actions done by production.
◦ Produce audit report to be viewed by top management.

◦ Restructure MRB system.
◦ Salvage scrap board to be reworked & reused.
◦ Infuse "4M 1E" segment to narrow down root cause of defects.


B.Eng - Electrical & Electronics Engineering
Apr 1998 - May 2002 Sedaya University College
Advanced Diploma in Electrical & Electronics Engineering - Sek. Men. Methodist
Jan 1995 - Jan 1997 Sedaya University College

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