Chua Kang Ming

  • Technical Support Specialist
  • Ipoh, 31400, MY
  • Dec 18, 2020
Full time Information Technology

Work Experience

Analyst and based full time in Johore
May 2016 - Mar 2018 Ekomoditi Sdn Bhd

The job entails going on-site into estates to roll out a scanner based data capture system and help train the estate staff plus
offer on-site support. Hands-on experience working with VMWare and SQL systems

Mar 2005 - Apr 2016 Sistem Jamin Jaya

running a small IT solution provider business
catering to consumers & SMEs/SMIs. Really acquired hands-on experience
supporting various hardware devices (PCs, servers, storage, backup, networking, wireless, mobile & telephony) and softwares (office productivity, CAD, graphics design, accounting, Windows Operating system, telephony & networking). So I am
very familiar with supporting most networks, softwares and hardwares in an office

General Manager
Apr 1990 - Jan 2005 TE Computer Services S/B

TE Computer Services S/B was a 50:50 joint venture between Osborne & Chappel International, a mining consultancy firm and Coopers & Lybrand, an
international accounting firm. The company's main business is providing data
processing services and also providing PC hardware & softwares. TE provided
data processing and data capture services to stock broking houses, share
registration companies, local authorities (MBI), factories, TNB, SOCSO & EPF.
TE was a MOF registered company and participated and won a number of government tenders (EPF & SOCSO). The PC division started operations after it
was awarded the IBM PC dealership in Perak in 1984. I have overseen both
divisions since 1990. We had close to twenty permanent and 30 full-time
temporary staff at our peak during 2001-2002.

• I started the TE Penang branch in 1994 to tap into the local authority market
(MPPP, MPSP & PBA). It was at Majlis Perbandaran Seberang Perai (MPSP)
where we had the most success, closing a few tenders to supply servers, optical
storage system and software development for the Assessment department.
However due to acute staffing problem in 2000 we decided to close the branch.

• TE Computer Services decided to cease operations in 2005 due to the unfavourable market conditions in the government sector (which was our main income earner) and the loss of the SOCSO data capture contract.

Bureau Manager
May 1980 - Jan 1990 Komputer Usaha Sdn Bhd

Joined Komputer Usaha immediately after my graduation in 1980. Komputer
Usaha was started in 1975 with 50:50 joint venture between Osborne & Chappel
International, a mining consultancy firm and Coopers & Lybrand, an international
accounting firm. It was the pioneer of computer services in Perak at a time when
PCs are non-existent and mini-computers cost a quarter of a million dollars. So
Komputer Usaha tapped into the market where companies are not willing to invest staff and capital into owning a mini-computer system but wants data
processing done like factories, stock brokerages, share registration companies and even local authorities. My first job was as a programmer, writing programs
using RPG which was IBM's propriety programming language for their mini-
computer. By 1985, Komputer Usaha expanded to KL and I was promoted to bureau manager in Ipoh in 1986. There I undertook system studies for customers
and design the system flow from which my programmers would write the programs. I was briefly seconded to KL branch in 1986 for 6 months to help out.

• Komputer Usaha had expanded to 5 divisions by 1990 (2 bureau, 2 PC systems & 1 distribution). The general manager initiated a buyout in late 1990 and only
wanted to retain the KL divisions. So in Perak the 2 divisions were merged and
consolidated into a new company called TE Computer Services in which the partners are essentially the same. So I became the manager of the merged

Acquired Knowledge & Skills
• Microsoft software courses including Supporting Proxy Server, Web-site
Essentials, Installing & Configuring Exchange Server 5 and Supporting NT4 Core

• Networking course in Fibre Connection, Gigabit & ADSL

• Novell Product Training & Reseller Certification

• Class 3 Installer in Optical Communication Engineering

• Adaptec Certified RAID reseller

• AMD Reseller Certification

• Intel Certified Reseller Program

• Seagate Partner Program

• Troubleshooting PC & Peripherals hardware problems (acquired via 15 years + of hands-on)

• Troubleshooting networking and operating and application software problems
(acquired via 15 years + of hands-on)

• Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 & Windows 10 setup & troubleshooting
• User Acceptance Test preparation and deployment

• Basic VMWare setup & troubleshooting

• Basic MS SQL setup & troubleshooting

• Basic MySQL setup & troubleshooting

• Basic Linux setup & troubleshooting

• Google search engine optimization techniques on webpages

• Basic WordPress website creation software course

• Hands-on POS system setup & deployment

• Basic hands-on on IP telephony system

• Setup of wired and wireless CCTV system


Bachelor Of Science (Mathematics)
May 2020 - May 2020 Universiti Sains Malaysia

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