Nur Izzah Binti Mohamad Hijazi

  • Digital Marketing Executive
  • Selangor, Malaysia
  • Oct 02, 2020
Full time

Personal Summary

Dearest future employer,

Hello! I am Izzah. I live not by breathing oxygen, but social media. I handled multiple instagram accounts and facebook accounts. Personal, business and shopping, I have one account respectively. I kid you not. The shopping's account is super informational to me. I learnt how people grow their business through instagram. I enjoyed getting inspired from these business accounts. Mind you, my wallet did 'enjoy' it too.

My classmates called out my name for being too sensitive. Just because I've always been very careful with what I wrote to lecturers and teachers. But, come on now, how can anyone write without considering what others would feel. Through this point, I assure you, I am not a sensitive person but very sensitive towards other people's feelings.

I like to create emotions and moods through what I write. Respect, sadness and happiness. It feels like I'm writing love letters everyday. Always thinking of what others would feel when they read my sentences. Even now, I am pouring my heart out through this email. So, please accept my love.

My skills are limited but my ideas and creativity are always flowing. I am eager and hungry to learn. Attached with this email are my past designs of creative content and my achievements that would validate my points and skills.

I found love and joy in making people believe me. If you ask me why I am the best suited for this job, it's not because of some petty skills. It's because I have the passion, determination and joy in producing every single batch of my work - to make people believe in me.

If you give me a chance, I would love the job with all my heart. The company will have my full priorities. I won't sit back and wait. I will contribute. I will fight with you at the frontline in acquiring the company's goals.

Best Regards, 
Nur Izzah bt Mohamad Hijazi


Bachelor of Business Administration
Aug 2016 - Jun 2020 University Malaya

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