James Wong Kim Hoong

  • Assistant Manager - Executive Office
  • Oct 02, 2020
Part time

Personal Summary

Key Strengths
• Enthusiastic in performing duties, determination to resolve technical details responds well to steep learning curve.
• Good technical knowledge in Network Connectivity and Helpdesk support

- Experience in ISO 9001 2015 Audit

Work Experience

Assistant Manager - Executive Office
Dec 2017 - Jul 2020 Sunway Lagoon Sdn Bhd

Roles & Responsibilities
- Provide Digital Solution to document Executive office projects
- Leading & Coordinating ISO 9001 2008 conversion to ISO 9001 2015 (December 2018)
- Leading & Coordinating ISO 9001 2015 Internal Audit and Management Review
- Leading & Coordinating ISO 45001 Policy Formation and Achieving ISO 45001 certification at Dec 2019.
- To lead and coordinate with ISO 9001 External Audit (ISO 9001 2015 & ISO 45001)
- To consolidate Lagoon Standard Of Procedure and digitalize the documents.
- Provide Digital Solution to redefine Job Creation System to track Art, technical job request
- Provide Digital Solution to track customer feedback at Customer Service Department
- To digitalize Executive Office Projects using e-minutes & One Note system
- To lead and coordinate with SPFM audit (Lagoon Facilities Audit) and successfully improve the score from 2016 Fair to Good Level

Assistant Manager - IT
Oct 2008 - Nov 2017 Sunway Lagoon Sdn Bhd

Roles & Responsibilities
• Provides IT technical support for IT infrastructure
• IT infrastructure maintenance(Fiber Network & PABX system)
• Help desk services
• Works with vendor on POS system support
• Improves current IT services and infrastructure
• Maintain Window 2000 Server support
• To provide Support Lotus Notes ver 8.5.3 client
• To provide support to window operating System
• To provide remote support to the POS/workstations via VNC client
• To ensure standard implementation of IT policies with personnel
• Prepare and managed IT Budget, CAPEX & contracts maintenance
• Manage 2 Support Staff
• Working on ISO project to get certified

Lagoon Fiber Infrastructure Development Projects
Fiber Infrastructure Development Historical Facts
• Successfully completed Fiber cabling work - 24 Core Single Mode in Lost Lagoon (Surf Beach First Aid Room to Lost Lagoon to Zulu Walk) (Y2015)
• Successfully Completed 12 Core Fiber Single Mode Cabling from Lost Lagoon Kiosks to Lost Lagoon Network Switch Room. (Y2015)
• Successfully completed Fiber Cabling work - 8 Core Single Mode from Extreme Park to Surf Stage)(Y2014)
• Successfully completed 12 core Single Mode Fiber cabling work with Telekom for Unify Services (Y2014)
• Successfully completed 12 core Single Mode Fiber cabling work with Telekom for Unify Services (Y2014)
• Successfully completed 4 Core Single Mode Fiber from Surf Beach Ticketing Counter to Malicove (Y2014)
• Successfully completed Sunway Group Fiber Ring Last Mile Cabling (Y2013)
• Successfully implemented fiber optics backbone redundant line - 6 Core Single Mode Fiber (Y2013)

Lagoon Fiber Infrastructure Maturity Benefits from these projects
Throughout Year 2013 to Year 2015, Fiber infrastructure continues to develop and expand. This has allow Lagoon to yield many benefits in costs and flexibility:
- Security CCTV facilities have the ability to expand to many parts in Lagoon via this infrastructure without major cost
- Allow DigiPhoto (Tenant) to expand their private network kiosk to many areas in Lagoon to expand their photos sales capability
- Unifi Services can be extend to selected tenants in Lagoon
- Provide Internet Wifi services to staff in Café
- Credit Card Terminals can be extend to many areas in Lagoon
- PA system use the fiber as the backbone
- Current Sunway WIFI project are tapping into existing Lagoon Fiber infrastructure to extend its services.

IT Project Report Knowledgebase
IT Report Knowledgebase Setup Historical Facts
• Successfully build Knowledge Base reports (Y2014 till now) to allow future reference.

IT Report Knowledge Base benefits from this effort
- IT support staff do referencing to this knowledge base reports for better understanding as well as new project executions.
- This knowledgebase help IT support staff to improve the way each task execution.

Network Access Points Deployment
- Successfully deploy Network Access Points at offices located at different Areas in Lagoon

WIFI Deployment Benefits
- Allow Tablet & Notebooks users to work from various offices in Lagoon

Web Store Infrastructure Setup
• Successfully completed Web Store Infrastructure Setup (Y2014)

Web Store Benefits
- Allow customers to be able to purchase ticket online.

Senior Field Support Analyst
Oct 2007 - Jan 2008 Sunway Lagoon Sdn Bhd

Roles & Responsibilities

As Senior Field Support Analyst, my main function is to be responsible for the IT technical support, helpdesk services and IT infrastructure setup for new and existing project sites.
• Provide Field Support to Project Construction Sites
• To Provide IT infrastructure setup for new Construction Sites
• Working with vendor toward standardization of ghost image for the project site
Project Completed
• Implemented IT infrastructure setup for the following Construction site:

IT Manager
Oct 2006 - Apr 2007 Tangjung Rhu Resort Langkawi

Roles & Responsibilities

As IT manager, my main function is to be responsible for the IT Technical Support and helpdesk services and improvement of the current Infrastructure
• To manage Resort IT Resources
• To provide IT related Training
• To provide solutions for IT improvement
• To provide support to the current POS system
• Support Window Server 2000
• To provide Technical support to Workstations Win98
• Maintain Trend Micro Antivirus Server
• Manage 3 staff
Lagoon Fiber Infrastructure Development (Project Completed
• Successfully implemented a cyber café concept in Reading Room that allows user to connect laptop to internet via cable or WIFI (November 2006)
• Successfully resolved Resort Jaring Smart Broadband satellite internet access issues that constants affected by weather issues (November 2006)
• Successfully implemented POS & WIFI equipments policy maintenance program (December 2006)
• Successful completed training supervisors of the respective outlets on basic troubleshooting skills on handling POS system networking issues (October 2006)
• Successfully completed training Concierge staff on basic PC troubleshooting skills to maintain two front workstations that are used by guest for internet purposes (October 2006)
• Successfully implement Photostat cum printer solution in executive Office to save cost (November 2006)
• Successfully Completed Guest Centrix System Upgrade with vendor(Property Management System)(December 2006)
• Successfully completed the exercise with Maintenance staff on crimping LAN network cables for future request (January 2007)
• Successfully change PABX calling system from using Domain Server as administrator to normal user id to login into the domain (December 2006)

System Specialist
Nov 1999 - May 2006 Bridge Information System

Roles & Responsibilities

• Support bridge products (World News Feed) running on internet, window NT , Unix Solaris ver. 2.6
• Reinstall Unix Server (Solaris 2.7) operating system, window NT server
• Provide support on technical issues when customer in financial institutions faces problems while using the product

Systems Administrator
Jul 2000 - Apr 2006 Embedded Wireless Labs

Roles & Responsibilities

• Responsible for providing support to Window NT Workstations, Window 98, Window 95 and Window NT server.
◦ Window NT server and Win 2K server administration
◦ Responsible for net meeting setup for training and remote control of workstation
◦ Ensure all the latest up-to-date office software and engineering software patches are update on every workstations
◦ Responsible for Re-installation and Installation of window NT workstations, Window 98 and Window 95 (desktop and notebook)
• Provide IT and Technical support to India branch
• Provide support and Maintenance to Times software (Human Resource Software)
• Contribute weekly notes to teach users how to utilize Office 97, Office 2000 and Outlook and outlook express
• Manage PABX system
◦ Calls cost saving companies evaluation
◦ Speed dial codes programming
◦ Monitoring calls reports generation
• Provide internet leave line and ISDN line support
• Perform system tape backup using Veritas software
• Manage Norton Antivirus administration and updates on workstations
• Conduct Microsoft Office Classes
• Assist in Managing Email system (Seattle Email System)
• Basic cabling (Crimping of Network & telephone cables)
• Assembling Streetspace Units(Internet Kiosk)
• Provide support of Server License Connectivity for engineering software in the servers

System Administrator
Oct 1998 - Nov 1999 Cheang & Ariff Advocates and Solicitors

Roles & Responsibilities

• Manage 4 staff in IT department
• Maintain Window NT4.0 Server (4) and LAN support
• Y2K compliance project (Completed)
• Conduct periodic PC training (Using of office automation and basic PC troubleshooting)
• Prepare IT Year End Budget
• Maintain & Support Ration Accounting Software (Legal Accounting Software)
• Manage Ms Mail server and TFS gateway system
• Manage hardware and software acquisition
• Provide auditing to the legal files and procedures
• Restructure the existing Cheang & Ariff Local Area Network connectivity

Technical Support Officer
Sep 1994 - Sep 1997 PhileoAllied Bank

Roles & Responsibilities

• To provide computer and network setup for new bank branches around Malaysia
• Provide helpdesk support to the bank and branch staffs (Bank Teller software, teller system connectivity between the branch and the head office main system and branch reporting)
• Provide support for the Swift System Release 3.3.1(International Banking Correspondence System)(Treasury Department)
• Migrated the entire old bank system to the new teller bank system (Involved in the initial conversion of an existing old branch system to a new banking system)
• Support ATM(auto teller machine) operating and hardware troubleshooting

System Engineer
Sep 1992 - Jan 1994 Aetna Universal Insurance

Roles & Responsibilities

• Provide Novell 3.11 administrations and network support in Token Ring environment
• Provide technical and application supports to users involving hardware and software support at branches
• Provide support to PC to host connectivity(pcmainframe) and AS400 using pc3270 emulation and carbon copy plus (branch support)
• System supported included word processing and Insurance teller system
• Design report using System Unions Sun Systems Sun Accounting Technical Issues
• Write Management Report using System Unions Sun Systems Sun Accounting
• Manage Hardware and software acquisition

Accounts Data Entry
Jan 1988 - Jan 1992 Aetna Universal Insurance

Accounts Cler
Roles & Responsibilities

• Assist in migration of Accounting System from ACPAC to Systems Union Sun Systems Sun Accounting
• Assist in setting up Insurance General Ledgers and Sub Ledgers using System Union Sun Systems Accounting for different departments in the company
• Write Management Report using System Union Sun Systems SunQuery(SQL like commands) running on Sun Accounting
• Accounts Data Entry
• Maintain ledgers and sub ledgers using Sun Accounting

Mar 2008 - Mar 2008 Victoria Subang Airport Project Site

Putrajaya P11 Project Site (April '08)

Jul 2006 - Oct 2006 Sunway Medical Extension Project Site

(May 2006)

Jan 1998 - Jan 1998 De Montfort University Alumni

Roles & Responsibilities & Project Completion

• Successfully completed installation of Window NT 4.0 Server
• Successfully completed to link the system to the university network
• Successfully upgrade existing window 95 systems to window 98
• Successfully Install and Testing of Student Database system
• Successfully completed to teach users how to maintain and backup Window NT server


Post Graduate Diploma in Engineering Business Management - Engineering Business Management
- Jan 2007 The University of Warwick
B. Sc (Hons) - Computer Science
- Jan 1998 De Montfort University
Higher Diploma in Computer Studies - ICL
- Jan 1997
Diploma in Computer Studies - Conversion
- Jan 1995

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