Abdul Hakim Berri Mohamed

  • Group Leader & Simulator Lead Evaluator
  • Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia
  • Oct 02, 2020
Full time

Personal Summary

❑ To have a career in multinational company where professionalism and teamwork are
the key emphasis.

❑ To share acquired knowledge toward benefiting the organization to the most.


Text Resume

❑ Personal Qualities
I am an organized person. I am willing to hold responsibility of various capacities meticulously.

Executive Quality

❑ I believe in efficiency and dedication when dealing with work, besides handling it with sincerity. I am looking forward to learning much more.


❑ Communication:
➢ English
➢ Malay
➢ Tamil

❑ Computer:
➢ Microsoft Visual Basic
➢ C++
➢ Java
➢ Structured Query Language (SQL)
➢ Adobe Photoshop
➢ Microsoft Office
➢ Windows 98/ME/XP/VISTA
➢ PC Hardware
➢ PC maintenance and troubleshooting
➢ Dreamweaver and Dreamweaver MX
➢ Windows OS and Linux OS

❑ Self:
➢ Able to work independently and to work in a team.
➢ A good and fast learner.
➢ Good interpersonal and communication skill.
➢ Highly self-motivated and hardworking.
➢ Able to establish and maintain a good relationship with public.
➢ Able to gain others confidents.


High Level Institution (2004 - 2008)

❑ Secretary of Computer Club
❑ Treasurer of Hiking Club
❑ Membership of Persatuan Literasi Melayu
❑ Membership of Aikido Club
❑ Malaysian book of records (participate):
➢ Longest 'Dodol' cook (Malaysian food- 3days non stop)
➢ Longest 'Kebab' (2.016 km)
➢ Biggest 'Kolam' (Indian arts)

Secondary School (1993 - 1997)

❑ Vice President of Computer Club
❑ Secretary of Anti Dadah Club
❑ Member of Red Cross Association
❑ Represent district in 'pentaque' tournament
❑ Represent school in Science Quiz
❑ Represent school in Volleyball

Work Experience

Group Leader & Simulator Lead Evaluator
Jan 2014 - Jul 2020 Asian Aviation Centre of Excellence Sdn Bhd

❑ Industry: Aviation - Flight Simulator Training center.

❑ Date join: 10th May 2014

❑ Work Description:

➢ Assists in supervising and leading a group of engineers on maintaining and ensuring
the Full Flight Simulator fidelity are compliance to current regulatory standard and met customer satisfaction.
➢ Attended few Simulator Evaluation Courses and authorized to assist FSTD evaluation to support Regulatories, verify QTG results and submit complete report to Regulatory.
➢ Attended Leadership courses.
➢ Experienced in assisting EASA Regulatory to qualify CAE A320/A350/B787 Simulators.
➢ Draft and maintain the engineer's monthly schedule.
➢ Assist engineers to ensure defects raised on the simulators are addressed and corrective action is taken in order to resolve the defects within the Estimate Completion Date (ECD).
➢ Assist and prepare the documents required by the authorities during the simulator evaluation check.
➢ Ensure to receive the latest NAVDB from the customer on the monthly basis and install to the system before the previous one expires.
➢ Assist and lead the team during the AOG situation until the simulator is back on training.
➢ Qualification Test Guide (QTG) and Subjective Test Guide (STG) are to be performed as per the schedule and the results are verified.
➢ Monitor and response the Simissue and provide the required information in order to expedite the troubleshooting process.
➢ Train the engineers in basic skills and provide technical training for other engineers if required.
➢ Prepare and submit a summarized report to update the status of the simulator to the Head of Technical if required.
➢ Ensure the Preventive Maintenance (PM) tasks were performed on the simulator as per the schedule.
➢ To ensure the Morning readiness check is carried out on the daily basis.
➢ Ensure the latest certifications from the authorities are displayed inside the simulators.
➢ Member of Internal Auditor Team. Responsible to carry out an Internal Audits as part of the Yearly Quality Monitoring Program.
*Overseeing entire Technical department from October 2014 - June 2015, while waiting for the new Department Head to join.

➢ Courses attended:
1. Leadership For First Line Manager Course
2. ISO 9001:2008 Foundation Training
3. ISO 9001:2008 Implementation Team
4. Simulator Evaluation Course
5. FMGS Training
6. Team Synergy
7. 5-S Workshop Organized by AACE Quality and Regulatory Department
8. Internal Auditor Training Course

Projects involved:
1. Sim A320-200 aircraft standard update.
2. New A330-800 simulator installation

Field Service Engineer (Visual / Sound & Audio System Specialist)
Jan 2011 - Jan 2014 CAE Flight & Simulator Services Sdn Bhd

Industry: Aviation - Flight Simulator Training centre.

❑ Work Description:

➢ Work for Department 52 in CAE Inc. (Montreal) and was trained in Montreal to do the new simulator installation around the globe. Travel to customer site and actively participate in the new flight simulator installation around the globe. Travelled to many countries; China, India, Canada, Australia, Philippines, Dubai, Indonesia, Australia, Ethiopia, United Kingdom.
➢ Conduct initial setup of the visual system (new hardware and software implementation), tuning and tests related to the visual system. This includes installation of the new CAE Medallion(TM)-Tropos(TM) NVIDIA® Series, projector installation and alignment (manual and software) , network setup (configuration), DDAT system installation (software, gimbal camera, spectrometer), visual scenes color, gamma and intensity tuning, blend plate adjustments and light leak elimination, running ATM and QTG's and verifying the validity of the test patterns.
➢ Troubleshoots the visual IG and the projectors. Familiar with the CAE latest Tropos XR visual system. Familiar with the Evans & Sutherland visual system (ESIG -3000 and ESCP -2000). CAE Tropos (TM) system with EIS BARCO projector system and CAE Tropos 6000 with Sony LCos projector system. Familiar with the VW60 , GH10/0 & GH10/1 Sony projector , motorized and fixed Christie blendplates, CNL and Non CNL system.
➢ Initial setup and troubleshoots the Sound & Audio system. Familiar with the System Architect and EtherSound software to tune the Digigram and the Crown system.
➢ Experienced joining the crews during the simulator Initial Qualification and troubleshoots if required.
➢ Experienced using various types of hardware and software tools during the new simulator system installation and troubleshoots.

➢ Courses attended:
- Visual / Audio & Sound system initial installation training at CAE Inc. Montreal, Canada.
- Evans & Sutherland visual training for sim A320 - Refletone.
- TROPOS projection system for the sim A320 classics, A320-5000 and A330-7000 series.
- Computer network and interface course for sim A320-5000 and A330-7000 series.
- Launchpad training (sim diagnostic system software).
- TCIS training (overall system maintenance software)
- Implement 5s in the working environment.

Simulator Support Engineer
Jan 2008 - Jan 2011 CAE Flight & Simulator Services Sdn Bhd

❑ Industry: Aviation - Flight Simulator Training centre.

❑ Date join: 10th November 2008

➢ Working on a rotating shift Maintaining two A320 (CAE Classics SIM), one A320 (CAE 5000 series), one A320- Reflectone, one B737-400 and one A330 (CAE 7000 series) Simulators.
➢ Carry out the Preventive Maintenance task as per the schedule.
➢ Do the morning readiness check on daily basis.
➢ Experienced with the ITMs software to identify, update and troubleshoots the avionic systems in the simulator cockpit.
➢ Experienced using the JDFC utility to do the motion and control system tuning.
➢ Experienced and able to troubleshoots the interface system for simulator B737-400, A320-classics, A320- Reflectone, A320 -5000 series and A330-7000 series system.
➢ Experienced running the performance QTGs (system, visual, sound & audio) for all the simulators and rechecked with the master QTG's results.
➢ Experienced working with the EMM motion system for simulator A320 classics, A320 -5000 and A330- 7000 series.
➢ Experienced in doing auto and manual visual calibration using RACU and maintenance laptop depend on the simulators system.
➢ Able to create, edit or modify the airport visual database as requested by customer
(Ex: Add a gate, hold, takeoff position, ILS etc).
➢ Add new visual database as well as the new NAV database for all the sims (A320 classics, A320 -Reflectone, A320 -5000 and A330- 7000 series).
➢ Able to trace the problem with reference to the manual, schematics and diagrams of the simulator system.
➢ Perform corrective and preventive maintenance tasks as per the guidelines.
➢ Perform weekly/monthly visual system tuning and calibration.
➢ Perform backup and total system backup for host and visual server (for all the A320 and A330 sims)

Network Support Engineer
Aug 2008 - Oct 2008 Tentacle Technologies

Industry: Network Operation Centre at Smart Satellite Teleport,
Bangunan Jaring MIMOS Bhd in Technology Park Malaysia,
Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur.

❑ Date join: 1st August 2008

❑ Date left: 1st October 2008

❑ Work Description:
➢ Monitoring the VIASAT Satellite using Network Monitoring System (NMS) software.
➢ Monitoring and troubleshoot the network traffic using Allot Communication Netforce software.
➢ Perform daily backup and total system backup for server.
➢ Configure new MAC address
➢ Troubleshoot customer problem in internet connection using satellite technology, Voice over IP (VOIP) service support, email setting and computer configuration.
➢ Monitor and maintain for VSAT, VOIP, Email architecture and environment (devices and software applications).
➢ To monitor incoming satellite programs for re-transmission.
➢ To generate a daily report on performance regarding the process, procedures, defaults/errors and technical malfunctions.
➢ Baseband, Radio Frequency (RF) and Antenna Systems.
➢ Satellite related ground hardware and its operational constraints.
➢ Knowledge of test equipment functionality, Automatic Test Systems and RF/Communications systems test procedures.

Assistant Engineer
Jan 2007 - May 2008 Elsys Technology

❑ Industry: Information Technology

❑ Date join: 28th January 2007

❑ Date left: 30th May 2008

❑ Work Description:

➢ Responsible to develop web based applications for e- commerce, e-stockiest and e-MLM application.
➢ To identify new customer business opportunities via telephone/field sales.
➢ Review, recommend and follow-ups on existing customer's problems and documentation.
➢ Troubleshoots the customer's security system like home alarm system, CCTV with Digital Recorder System (DVR) and fingerprints access system.

System Technician
Nov 2000 - Apr 2001 Hacks Malaysia Sdn. Bhd

❑ Industry: Food and beverage.

❑ Date join: 3rd November 2000

❑ Date left: 14th April 2001

❑ Work Description:
➢ Responsible to check all the machines in production sites are in good condition.
➢ Responsible to do maintenance and troubleshoot.
➢ Responsible to do daily checking reports on machine's performance.


Bachelor's Degree - Computer
Jan 2004 - Jan 2008 University of Multimedia
Diploma - Education
Jan 1998 - Jan 2001 University Technology of Malaysia

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