Nicholas Anthonysamy

  • Graphic Designing and Back Office Related
  • Gombak, Selangor, Malaysia
  • Aug 31, 2020
Full time Admin-Clerical

Personal Summary

Dear Sir/Madam,


I am submitting this letter together with my resume, in hope of landing a career in your organization.


I have enclosed my resume on the following pages, regarding my experience, education, relevant skills and background. Throughout my working experience and my college education, I had gained extensive skills and knowledge adequate for a challenging and vibrant environment. I have duly acquired strong grasp of techniques and develop excellent working relationships with the people I work with, be it colleagues, vendors or clients. Combined with presentation and people skills, I would certainly make a good candidate for a post in your organization.


In addition to a results-driven approach, you can be assured that I would uphold the highest level of work detail and ethical standards as a member of your team. I am flexible and adaptable to both new situations and changing organizational needs.


Your company will benefit from a loyal, positive and highly motivated individual like me. I am keen on contributing fresh ideas and to go that extra mile in everything I do, to benefit your organization. Hope you provide me with the opportunity to explore my potential further.


I am available for an interview at your office anytime at your convenience. I feel that a meeting would be mutually beneficial to the both of us. I sincerely hope that my application will be given due considerations and I assure your good selves that I will do my utmost to deliver the qualities that I have mentioned above.


At your convenience, please contact me at 013-4004095 (mobile) or email me at to arrange for an interview. In advance, thank you for your time

And attention. I look forward to your response.



Nicholas Anthonysamy


Work Experience

Data Executive
Apr 2015 - Aug 2020

Job description:

- Scan Legal Notices from daily newspapers such as Tender Notices from goverment/private companies
- Upload Legal Notices into Asklegal website Daily
- Proof read Data from notices that had been uploaded
- Call out Tender providers to attend the briefing dates for research of Tender Notices
- Email potential subscribers from all Tender categories that been uploaded daily in the website
- Share daily articles in social media Facebook
- concept design for website design

Jan 2013 - Jan 2015 Valiram Group

Job description:

GP Group
Duration: 9 March 2015
Job title: Security check point/Crew

Job description:

Table and chair arrangements after each programme changes during the day and so secure the VIP food section
Pack customers hand bags, other carrying begs into a bag and tag it and also to usher customer
coming into the venue and exit accordingly

Customer Service (outbound)
Aug 2014 - Jan 2015 Terra Communications

Job description:

To assist event coordinators on inviting client's from public listed companies for Dell Enterprise forum
Event, Fujitsu and Microsoft to follow up on their confirmation of status and details, help to pack
goody begs for the event.

Customer Service
May 2014 - Jun 2014 CHASSAsia

Job description:

To assist sales & marketing on calling out companies based new IT promotion on Microsoft License
products for month of May & June and compile report based on calls per-day.

Admin Support
Apr 2014 - Apr 2014 The Malaysian Reserve

Job description:

Data entry based on high ranking position by each state and country in assisting circulation

Vertis Survey
Mar 2014 - Mar 2014 BP Business Service Centre Asia Sdn Bhd

Job description:

Conduct survey per-hour on selected floors based on safety, space, attendance on staff.
Input and upload into database system.

Data Entry
Nov 2013 - Nov 2013 GLOBEZ EVENTZ

Job description:

Compiling and evaluating survey sheet.
Create database from name cards.

Graphic Designer
Mar 2013 - Jun 2013 MYDEAL SDN BHD

Job description:

Design mock ups for daily and future deals such as locals,products,travel
Compile daily and weekly production reports and KPI.

Customer Service Admin Support

Job description:

Do daily 90s days suspension.
Update customers' data for mailing purpose and also technicians to attend.
Uplift/reinstate customers account after payment has made.
Process reminder letters for outstanding/ unpaid customers.
Updated daily aging trends for monthly reports to be presented by manager.
Send out claw back notification to dealers for 16 days or 12 days outstanding; follow up with a month after the notification sent, to be claimed by them.
Renew credit card expiry date after payment had made by customer


Send out account which needs to be billed or to be charge credit card to respective departments.
Process cash/cheque from paid customers in the system and to be sent to the banks by dispatch
Attended training on "How to attend difficult customers "
st nd
Manage to collect commissions from dealers with revenue half a million and 1 and 2 quarter of the year.

Tutor/ Graphic Artist/Administration
Jan 2009 - Jul 2010 GO ACADEMY

Job description:

Tutored Semester 3 students for basic Adobe Creative Suite software tools, functions, brushes,
Assign assignments to students to create illustration with a group of students in computer lab and classroom.
Assist marketing and administration department for intakes, college fees and student enquiries.
For new intakes- design and prepare brochures for courses.
Handle recruitment and counseling for new intakes regarding fee and course Involved in projects:
Mural design -choosing the right fonts, colors and lines to create balanced composition, while
simultaneously conveying meaning.
Strong problem solving skills and loves good challenges.
Prepare exam questions -provide extra help (tutorial) for weak students once a week.
Prepare month end report , students progress and provide counseling for students with problems

Met marketing target (sales) for student intakes from local and international.
Completed Mural project successfully -Wall painting designed and painted successfully in just one
Weak students progressed- after counseling , and was awarded "Best tutor of the month "

Graphic Artist

Job description:

Design or re design new advertisement for retailers to be classified in Yellow Pages and Tour guide
Design advertisement or small brochures, according to the needs of the client
Provide ideas and marketing strategy for customers to advertise elsewhere eg.websites
Prepare templates for designs to be used accordingly.

Met deadline for sales target as able to finish up all projects in a timely manner, and attracted many
clients for T-SHIRT design, good response and T-SHIRT sales increased from 40%-80%.
Clients satisfied and also gave reference for other projects which have increased the company's
Software used- Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop and Micro Media Freehand.
Designs then archived in a proper job bag well kept in a production room with detailed info of the artwork yearly.


Diploma - Graphic and Multimedia Design
Mar 2002 - Jan 2005 Strategy College (Entrepreneurs Development Institute)

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