Muhamad Hazim Bin Mohd Khir

  • Field Service Engineer
  • Selangor, Malaysia
  • Mar 22, 2021
Full time Engineering

Personal Summary

Experienced 2 year in Oil & Gas industry, Refinery and Power Plant in process control instruments scheduled validation, calibration, maintenance, troubleshoot and repair at metering skid (custody transfer & allocation). Specialized in gas metering system. Experienced in Elster-Instromet product such as Ultrasonic Meter, Turbine Meter, Gas Chromatograph GC, Flow Computer (FC) and ISS Viewer (HMI). Familiar with SmartCen, FloBoss, Pressure/Temperature Transmitter and System experiences including Modbus Interface

Work Experience

Field Service Engineer | Honeywell Process Solution
May 2019 - Aug 2020 Honeywell

Project Involved:

1. EDRA Energy - Kuala Langat Power Plant
Job Assignment:
• Provide onsite validation service of USM and Turbine Meter Inspection on gas metering skid
QSonic-5 Series III QL Meter, CheckSonic III QL Meter and Turbine Meter SM-RI
• Connect both meter to Uniform Software. Performed backup and validation for AGA 10
• Visual Inspection for Turbine Meter Skid

2. Repsol Oil & Gas Malaysia Limited - KSB Repsol Warehouse (USM Inspection)
Job Assignment:
• Elster-Instromet Qsonic 5s had been inspected visually to identify existing physical damage on
meter body and internal of the meter.
• Inspection focus on the physical condition of transducers and related parts

3. Hyperwaves System - Elster-Instromet Encal3000 GC and Q2 GasLab calorie meter FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) Gas Shelter
Job Assignment:
• Provide onsite validate, verification and calibration on Encal3000 GC. The GC was injected by
Helium gas as a carrier gas and calibration gas. Configure Encal3000 is by using RGC3000 software.
• Provide validation on Q2 GasLab using Ensuit software

4. Petronas / Dialog - PDT2 (Pengerang Deepwater Terminal 2)
Commissioning and Pre - commissioning CTMS (Custody Transfer Metering Skid)
Job Assignment:
• Troubleshoot Flow-X FC due to unable to receive analogue input signal.
• Monitor Diesel (E5) and Jet Fuel A1 offloading process.
• Control PI&D to maintain the flow rate at metering skid and pressure / temperature from overrange.

5. SembCorp Gas Pte. Ltd (Singapore)
Job Assignment:
• Service and Calibration Encal3000 Gas Chromatograph
• Perform Validation and calibration on Encal 3000 GC
• Perform calibration 4-20mA on Pressure Transmitter and Temperature Transmitter using Hart

6. Prefchem / Technicas Reunidas - Pengerang Rapid Package 3
Maintenance Service and Troubleshoot.
Job Assignment:
• Perform Troubleshoot on Encal 3000 GC, Service and calibration
• Perform Health check and Validation on USM Qsonic Plus meter on Gas Metering Skid
• Health check on ABB Flow-x Flow computer.
• Inspection on Condumax II HCDP/WDP.
• Perform Stroke test on the Siemens PLC.

7. PacificLight Power (PLP) Pte. Ltd (Singapore)
Job Assignment:
• Preventive Maintenance on Encal 3000 GC
• Perform Service and Calibration on GC
• Perform Service and calibration on Gas-Lab Q1 calorie meter

8. Keppel Merlimau Cogen (KMC) (Singapore)
Job Assignment:
• Perform remote control validation on GC and USM
• Perform Ultrasonic Meter VOS Check using AGA 10. Measurement of Gas by multipath meter
• Perform GC validation by using ISO 6976:1995 calorific value and relative density.

9. Gas Malaysia Berhad.
Job Assignment:
• Ultrasonic meter Qsonic Plus Condensation issue
• Perform troubleshooting on USM located on Gas metering Skid

Job Description:
• Performing on-site testing, troubleshooting on the instruments
• Perform product training as well as project SAT and commissioning
• Prepare technical report to customer
• Prepare quotation to customer for site installation and related work
• Provide remote technical support/troubleshooting

Technical Engineer
Jul 2018 - Dec 2018 One Gasmaster Sdn Bhd

Project Involved:
1. Testing and commissioning Gas Detector system (Linde-Banting)
2. Installation Gas Detector system (Petronas Research Sdn Bhd)
3. Service and Calibration Gas detector system (AEON entire Malaysia)
4. Troubleshoot gas detector panel (Zelio) (AEON entire Malaysia)
5. Service and calibration crowcon Xgard detector and portable gas Detector
6. Troubleshooting GasMaster Controller and Vortex Controller panel
7. Control gas detector system signal by using SCADA System

Job Description:
• Assist service team in daily routine job
• Perform calibration job and troubleshooting on-site
• Prepare calibration data
• Installing appliances and system on-site
• Carrying out planned maintenance checks on system and equipment
• Testing controls and safety devices to make sure they are working properly
• Finding and repairing gas leaks using computerized fault-finding equipment
• Replacing or repairing faulty or old parts
• Keeping records of work carried out and provide technical report


Bachelor of Engineering - Technology
Jan 2015 - Jan 2018 University Kuala Lumpur British Malaysian
Diploma in Electrical Engineering - Industrial Electronic
Jan 2012 - Jan 2015 Kolej Poly

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