Jaalini Selvaraju

  • Team Leader BPS
  • Kuala Lumpur, 55100, MY
  • Mar 22, 2021
Full time Customer Service

Personal Summary


1. Managing team: -
- Completed BTEC level 4 and MBA Diploma, which equip me with the knowledge to manage a team and business
2. Soft Skills: -
- Experience from working at Scicom MSC Bhd have taught me how to manage difficult or irate customers.
- I have also learned to delight customers and bridge the gap between customer and customer service officer.
3. Coaching technique: -
- While working as "Specialist- Customer Experience" for Scicom MSC Bhd, I have learned that the success feedback session with CCO's; is when they understand strength and weakness on the call and willing to work to improve it.
4. Fast Learner: -
- Able to adapt to changes easily.
- Able to work under pressure with minimal supervision.
- Do have knowledge in Microsoft Office/Words/Excel.
- Do have good typing skills.


1. English - Spoken and Written

2. Bahasa Malaysia - Spoken and Written

3. Tamil - Spoken only

Job Preference

Monthly Salary: MYR 5700 - RM6300
Willing to Travel: Yes
Willing to Relocate: Yes
Possess Own Transport: Yes

Work Experience

Team Leader BPS
Jul 2018 - Mar 2021 Tech Mahindra - Information technology company

Specialization: Team Management / Managerial work
Industry: Contact Center / BPS
Duration: July 2018- Current
Monthly Salary: MYR 4850 (basic salary)

DHL Deutsche Post and Adidas: -

● DHL Deutsche Post has come up with an agreement with Tech Mahindra to take over calls from over 104 branches and provide first level assistance.
● Adidas has come up with an agreement with Tech Mahindra to take over calls, live chat, Facebook, emails and provide first level assistance for five Asia countries
● To prepare weekly and monthly review with client on performance and improvement plan
● To perform briefing with new updates provided by clients and get the agents to acknowledge it
● To coach the agents on productivity and to ensure they can perform according to target
● To prepare monthly shift allowance, KPI payout, monthly newsletter, reward and recognition for agents
● To prepare staff confirmation and contract renewal by working very closely with HR team
● To conduct interviews and select candidate based on project requirements
● To train agents who have the potential to be the next leader and give them additional tasks.
● To always be on standby even on off days to answer phone calls from managers, clients and staff
● Involve in preparing audit reports and documents in monthly basis
● To conduct huddle on daily basis to provide update and also take in agent's feedback
● Involved in preparing weekly fun activity to ensure agents are motivated
● To work closely with Training Department and Quality department to ensure agents are getting full support, training and they are able to deliver with quality
● Involved in weekly meeting with all country manager to update the performance and also to provide improvement suggestions
● To prepare internal audit and ensure documents are well prepared and saved in SharePoint

Assistant Manager - Hong Leong Bank Berhad
Aug 2017 - Mar 2021 Scicom (MSC) Bhd

Specialization: Team Management / Managerial work
Industry: Call Center / BPO
Duration: August 2017 - July 2018
Monthly Salary: MYR 3900 (basic salary)

Hong Leong Bank Berhad:-

● Hong Leong Bank has come up with an agreement with Scicom to take over calls from over 104 branches and provide first level assistance.

● To work closely with client to prepare SOPs for day in and day out work related issues.

● To handle manager callback whenever needed and perform escalation to the branch to look in to it on urgent matter.

● To prepare staff schedule and manage their leave without impacting daily operations

● To perform briefing with new updates provided by clients and get the agents to acknowledge it

● To perform call monitoring on monthly basis to ensure agents are meeting all the requirement and able to provide (FCR) first call resolution to all the customers.

● To validate CSAT score rated by customer and justify the validation and come up with action plan

● To provide daily statistic report to Scicom and justify if there is any variance.

● To train agents whom is potential to be next leader and give them additional task.

● To have weekly meeting with management and update them on weekly performance.
● To work closely with all branch managers to solve cases based on urgency

● To coach agents on monthly basis on the performance and how to perform better on coming months

● To always be on standby even on off days to answer phone calls from managers, clients and staff

● To prepare staff confirmation and contract renewal by working very closely with HR team.

● To prepare slides on statistic and run through with clients and also to highlight on pro and cons of the project. This also comes with action plan which will be taken to provide improvement.

Specialist- L&D & TQM (Dual Role)
Apr 2015 - Jul 2017 Scicom (MSC) Bhd
  • Specialization: Quality Control/Assurance / Learning and Development
    Industry: Call Center / BPO
    Duration: April 2015- July 2017
    Monthly Salary: MYR 3570 (basic salary)

    Altel Telecommunication: -

    ● Launch MS Dynamics, Radian 6 and Live Chat System by preparing the training deck and conducting training.

    ● Working closely with ALTEL's Credit Collection Team to prepare SOP's for debt management and payment channels for ALTEL's postpaid.

    ● Main SPOC for ALTEL's Pilot Postpaid launch and provide input to clients on improving their postpaid plans and processes.

    ● Performed UAT for all systems with the ALTEL project.

    ● Conduct various development programmes such as Getting Noticed, Social Media Training, Business Writing training, Soft Skills training.

    ● Prepares monthly Quiz to ensure agents are well equipped with new updates. I have worked with the CRM team to enhance the Knowledge Base cosmetics and function which lead to zero complaints.

    ● Produced escalation templates which made the escalation process between Scicom and ALTEL's Service Desk seamless.

    ● Proposed and prepared scripts for the Social Media, Email and Live Chat Team.

    ● Launched an Online Quiz Portal which is currently being used across all departments within Scicom.

    ● Provided input to ALTEL which was incorporated in the new outlook of the ALTEL webpage.

    ● Helped colleague to prepare a Social Media Quality Scoresheet for which was approved by the SVP of TQM.
Specialist - Customer Experience
Apr 2013 - Apr 2015 Scicom (MSC) Bhd

Specialization: Quality Control/Assurance
Industry: Call Center / BPO
Duration: April 2013 - April 2015
Monthly Salary: MYR 3405 (basic salary)

SingTel Technical Helpdesk: -
● Perform random call audits / call monitoring for SingTel Technical Help desks inbound and outbound calls.

● Evaluate calls which customer have rated dissatisfied in Customer Satisfaction survey.

● Prepare weekly and monthly report for the Client and the Management.

● Perform analysis to identify the failures of the team performance.

● Perform 1 to 1 feedback session with the agent and highlighting the points for improvement.

● Conduct briefing and training for product knowledge and soft skills coaching for both new and current agents.

● Conduct investigation for complaint calls.

● Responsible to ensure that the performance of the 40 technical help desk agents which were assigned to me met both the client's and customer's expectation if not exceeding based on the criteria agreed.

● To boost the morale of the technical help desk agents assigned to me.

● Perform test calls for the newly hired agents before they answer live calls. The agents which did not meet the minimum requirements will be re-sent for retraining.

● Organize Quality Campaign across the project to ensure that Quality remained the utmost priority.

● Identifying agent's individuals need to help in designing different approach in order to better improve the agent's overall performance.

● Responsible for conducting monthly Quality Monitoring and Feedback sessions (Voice, Email, Social Media & Live Chat transactions) for Executives.

● To accurately conduct Quality Monitoring and Feedback sessions for Executives - Customer Service on a monthly (and/or weekly).

● To collate and document Quality monitoring results, analyze and recommend opportunities to Manager- Total Quality Management for continuous improvement on a monthly basis.

● To convey issues and positive reinforcement on Quality concerns to Total Quality Management and Operations Management.

● To play a key role in the delivery of product knowledge for Executives - Customer Service.

● Assess relevant training needs for staff individuals and organization, in consultation with departmental heads, including assessment methods and measurement systems entailed.

● Stay informed as to relevant skill and qualification levels required by staff for effective performance, and circulates requirements and relevant information to the organization as appropriate.

● Monitor and report on activities, costs, performance, etc, as required.

● Develop self, and maintain knowledge in relevant field at all times.

Executive Technical Support
Apr 2010 - Jan 2013 Scicom (MSC) Bhd

Specialization: IPTV & Broadband
Industry: Call Center / BPO
Duration: April 2010 - 2013
Monthly Salary: MYR 2800 (basic salary)
Work Description:

● To take incoming telephone enquiries, problems or complaints of a technical nature from customers relating to a range of specified client products, applications or services.

● Experience and knowledge must include installation of and / or support of routers, proxies, and servers. Resolving Issues and performing Service Requests by Remote Desktop Takeover.

● Manage customers technical support requests and ensures timely resolution of customer issues by referring issues to product specialists or external departments.

● Familiarity with end user internet technologies such as remote access tech/modems/ broadband/ network cards/ IP settings / Popular emails (Outlook Express and Microsoft Outlook)

● Identify the error codes for login issues and also email issues (Microsoft Outlook and Outlook express) and provide online troubleshooting guide. Ensure that all promises made on the call are delivered.

Customer Service Officer
Sep 2007 - Aug 2009 Astro MSC Bhd

Specialization: Answering customers incoming calls
Industry: Call Centre
Duration: Sept 2007 - August 2009
Monthly Salary: MYR 1800
Work Description:

● Responsible to manage the customers incoming calls pertaining to technical, billing and general enquiries regarding the Astro channels.

● To assist Manager to run day to day operation.

● To arrange onsite technician for customer.

● To work towards achieving monthly KPI and AHT (average handling time) of customer.

● Work with all the staff to improve and maintain customer satisfaction.

● Manage difficult / irate customer.

● Manage complaints from customer.


Master of Business Administration - Business Administration
- Oct 2020 International Business Management Institute Berlin Germany

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