Siau Woon Yew

  • R&D manager, Manufacturing manager, Product development manager
  • Malaysia
  • Mar 19, 2021
Full time Pharmaceutical

Personal Summary

I am a synthetic organic chemist with experience in molecular drug design and synthesis. Significant research experience focused on novel reaction development, asymmetric organo/organometallic catalysis and target-oriented synthesis of bioactive molecules or analogues.

Experienced Research Chemist (Senior level) with demonstrated history of working in the pharmaceutical, specialty chemical and semiconductor industry. Skilled in Formulation Chemistry (non-ionic surfactant), Analytical Chemistry (HPLC, GCMS, FTIR, NMR, Karl Fisher Titration), Organization Skills, Analytical Skills(Fish Bone analysis, FMEA documentation, SPC chart), Organic Synthesis (R&D and Pilot Plant), Presentation Skills and Documentation (Issuance of COA, ISO 9001). Strong research professional with a Master of Science - MSc focused in Organic Chemistry from National University of Singapore.

Work Experience

Senior R&D and Product Management Engineer
Jun 2019 - EMK Technologies Pte Ltd

Industry Chemical supplier, specialty chemical supplier
Job description 1. New product development and development of me-too chemicals that
is not infringe with intellectual property (IP)
2. Maintain laboratory equipment supply and perform analytical analysis
(Karl Fischer titration, acid/base titrator, GC, HPLC, FTIR, NMR etc)
3. Involved in the study of photoresist stripper cleaning efficiency: post
TSV cleaning process
4. Review statistical process control (control chart) to monitor the quality of incoming materials and drive supplier for STC (ship-to- control) requirements under ±3 sigma control
5. Proficient in documentation (QC SOP, ISO 9001, FMEA, OCAP, quality control flow chart, manufacturing process)
6. Solve customers' query on product enquiry (packaging, manufacturing process/QC flow chart, supplier reliability etc)
9. Collaborate with other multi-discipline functions such as research
institute (IMRE) for technology development

Process Chemist (Organic + Analytical Chemist)
Feb 2018 - Dec 2018 Inventa Technologies Pte Ltd

Industry Chemical manufacturing, pilot plant manufacturing
Job description 1. Design and conduct laboratory scale projects and analysis to support
proposed process modifications and evaluation of processes
2. Process troubleshooting to improve the efficiency and productivity
3. Carried out chemical analysis (GCMS, HPLC, auto-titrator, pH meter, UV-Vis spectrophotometer, APHA color machine)
4. Formulation of in-house processed chemicals to meet target physical
properties (viscosity, water content)
5. Generate and issue COA based on developed process to meet
customer's requirement

Jun 2017 - Nov 2017 Showa Denko


Industry hard disk industry
Job description 1. Process evaluation on hard disk quality
2. Lead a team of assistant engineers for process evaluation (e.g. particle analyzer)

Manufacturing Biotechnologist
Dec 2015 - May 2017 Biocon

Dec 2015 - May 2017
Biocon Sdn. Bhd (Johor, Malaysia)

Industry biopharmaceutical industry, manufacturing of API
Job description 1. Provide technical support for daily production of Human Insulin
(rDNA) and Insulin Glargine (rDNA origin)
2. Provide technical support to establish and maintain in process
control that is compliance with cGMP requirements
3. Identify the root cause of non-conformances
4. Review QA/QC documents to ensure completeness, accuracy and consistency of the final products
5. Data entry in batch manufacturing record (BMR)
6. Identified and recommend Production Process Improvement
7. Manage material flow, material usage and inventory

Research Assistant
Jun 2015 - Oct 2015 Universität Zürich

(Zürich, Switzerland)

Industry chemistry/biochemistry R&D, drug discovery and development
Job description 1. Research on oligonucleotide chemistry: study of bioconjugation
reaction between olefin-containing oligonucleotide with triazolinedione
2. Bioimaging study: working on total synthesis of C-glycosylated
nucleoside as fluorescent probe for DNA-protein study
3. Synthesis of nucleoside derivative as anti-viral agent.

Research Associate
Sep 2013 - May 2015 Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zürich

(Zürich, Switzerland)

Industry chemistry R&D, drug discovery and development
Job description 1. Bioactive molecule synthesis: developed one step protocol for the synthesis of anti-influenza virus drug A analogue (e.g. spiroadamantane)
2. Drug development project: devised new chemical reagent for the synthesis of alpha trifluoromethylated N-heterocycles
3. Co-developed chemical reagent (SnAP reagents) for chemical
synthesis (SnAP reagents are now commercially available in Merck)
4. Developed Csp3 - Csp2 type coupling reaction for the synthesis of saturated N-heterocycles.

Graduate Researcher
Sep 2011 - Jul 2013 National University of Singapore


Industry chemistry R&D, drug discovery and development, synthetic
Job description 1. Research on methodology development for the synthesis of bioactive
molecules (e.g. oxindole derivatives)
2. Development of metal-free based approach for hydrogenation


MSc - Medicinal and Organic Chemistry
Sep 2011 - Jul 2013 National University of Singapore
Sep 2007 - Jul 2011 National University of Singapore

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