Testing Development Developer

  • Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Oct 02, 2020
Full time

Job Description

Job Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for product function/interface/ part of the automation project and other testing work.
  • Responsible for building/developing/maintaining the testing framework.
  • Perform test requirements analysis, test design, test development, test execution, test summary and test report according to product design.
  • Work closely with the development team to quickly iterate the product and bring it to market.
  • Understand the test development process and understand the common development patterns of Internet companies.


  1. 负责产品的功能/接口/部分自动化专项等测试工作。
  2. 负责搭建/开发/维护测试框架。
  3. 根据产品设计进行测试需求分析、测试设计、测试开发、测试执行,完成测试总结和测试报告。
  4. 与开发团队等密切合作,快速迭代产品,并推向市场。

Job Requirements

Job Requirements:

  • Prefer candidate who has work experience in the game industry for 1 year and above.
  • Prefer candidate who familiar with C / C ++, Java, PHP and Shell, Python and target c, at least one programming language in GO.
  • Prefer candidate with the ability to read the code for white box testing.
  • Prefer candidate with strong learning ability, excellent analytical and problem-solving skills, and the courage to solve problems.
  • Candidate must possess at least a Diploma/Advanced/Higher/Graduate Diploma, Bachelor's Degree/Post-Graduate Diploma/Professional Degree in Engineering (Computer/Telecommunication), Computer Science/Information Technology or equivalent.
  • Required language(s): Mandarin, English
  • At least 2 Year(s) of working experience in the related field is required for this position.
  • Required Skill(s): Python, C, C++, Java, QA, Testing
  • Preferably Senior Executive specialized in IT/Computer - Software or equivalent.


  1. 游戏行业工作经验1年及以上。
  2. 计算机软件、通讯等相关专业毕业。
  3. 熟悉C/C++、Java、PHP、Shell、Python、Objective-c、GO中至少一门编程语言。
  4. 了解测试开发流程,了解互联网公司的常见开发模式。
  5. 能够读懂代码进行白盒测试。
  6. 学习能力强,优秀的分析问题和解决问题的能力,勇于解决难题。 

Skill Level