IT Software Studio

SNSOFT SDN BHD Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Oct 02, 2020
Full time
Job Responsibilities: Responsible for product function/interface/ part of the automation project and other testing work. Responsible for building/developing/maintaining the testing framework. Perform test requirements analysis, test design, test development, test execution, test summary and test report according to product design. Work closely with the development team to quickly iterate the product and bring it to market. Understand the test development process and understand the common development patterns of Internet companies. 工作范围: 负责产品的功能/接口/部分自动化专项等测试工作。 负责搭建/开发/维护测试框架。 根据产品设计进行测试需求分析、测试设计、测试开发、测试执行,完成测试总结和测试报告。 与开发团队等密切合作,快速迭代产品,并推向市场。