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3 Ways You Can Enhance Your Skills After Graduation

3 Ways You Can Enhance Your Skills After Graduation

If you have recently graduated and intend to gain some work experience to enhance your skills and employability in the long-run, read on for some basic ways to gain essential work experience valued by employers in any industry.

1. Get a part-time job

The value of a part-time or temporary job can lead you to great things. Besides filling in the gaps in your resume, it can be the foundation to improve your skills and expertise for the job you are looking for in the future.

2. Gain certification in a relevant field

One of the best ways to upskill yourself to be relevant in a particular industry is to get certified. There a lot of online courses offering certification for the digital economy such as Project DEEP which seeks to upskill and re-skill Malaysians to be future-ready through digital courses in web development, social media, digital marketing and entrepreneurship.

3. Volunteer for a good cause

Most employers seek to hire a well-rounded individual to propel the company forward. Volunteering your time and effort to give back to the community not only builds your confidence but more importantly shows prospective employers that you have a diversified skill set.


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